Upcoming TV Episode on the Lost Bowie Mine

The Travel Channel, some months ago, launched a new TV Series named Lost Gold.  Two brothers travel the country looking into legends of lost treasure.  One of the upcoming episodes is “Jim Bowie’s Lost Silver Mine.”

In 1831 Jim Bowie, his brother, and a group of men, went looking for a silver mine near the San Saba River, within a mile or so of the old Presidio in today’s Menard, TX.  They fought an epic battle with the Indians instead, and barely made it back to San Antonio alive.  The Lost Bowie Mine and the San Saba Treasure are sometimes used interchangeably.  Mysteries surround the expedition: where was the mine they were after, and where did the fight actually take place?  The book has a chapter on Jim Bowie and his expedition.

Several months ago, the Lost Gold TV crew to took some footage inside the cave and at the alleged McCaslin grave site.  Personally, I do not know what will be in the episode, but it is surely worth a chance if one has cable TV.  The TV listing is here:  Show Description

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