Will be Presenting at the East Texas Historical Assoc. Meeting Oct 12

If you are anywhere near Nacogdoches, TX on October 12, think about attending the 9:00AM session on A Historical Look at Treasure Legends.  It will be hosted by Wes Ferguson of Texas Monthly, and will consist of a talk by Gary Pinkerton (True Believers: Treasure Hunters at Hendricks Lake) and myself (The San Saba Treasure: Legends of Silver Creek).  We will both be speaking for about 30 minutes, then there will be a Q & A session.  After the session I plan on signing books at the Univ. of North Texas Press table.

The event is at the Fredonia Hotel, and I think one can register at the event, but probably better to do it ahead of time here.

The Spider Rock Treasure

Got a copy of a book recently on the Spider Rock Treasure.  A quick introduction to it is here.  The short version is that in the very early 1900’s, some engraved rocks were found in widely separated locations in Texas.  The cryptic engravings seemed to go together and point to something.

The book is Abridged Notes of a Spider Rock Treasure Researcher & Other History Events in Texas.  The author is Bill Townsely.

My early research into the San Saba story was greatly aided by an online article that Bill had written, and we corresponded and spoke on the phone about the legend.

Bill is interested in the San Saba treasure stories, but he is especially interested in the Spider Rock treasure.  His book, implied in the title, is along the lines of a scrap book.  It has over 200 pages of newspaper articles, bits of evidence, biographical details on the many treasure hunters, and interview notes–many of them clearly written by hand.  If is one is looking for the primary sources for this story, here they are.  It includes a lot of color photos and maps.

There is a series of articles in the back of the book to get one up to speed on the story, then one can browse around in the book.  As in the San Saba treasure history, many unique people had a go at the Spider Rock Treasure (and still are).  Even if one has no interested in looking for the treasure, still an interesting read.  I am looking forward to spending many hours following the threads in the book this Fall.

Anyone interested in buying a copy can contact Bill via email