Revised Edition?

Getting the book to print was an exhausting endeavor for a working stiff who took up writing for the first time. Needing a long break, and moving to a different state (Texas, appropriately) since it was published, had not thought much about the book since it came out.

Met the publisher a while back at a historical conference and he said something about maybe the book getting into paper back. Or, if it goes out of print, the right to publish it reverts to myself, and I could then self-publish via print-on-demand through Create Space or Ingram Spark or whatever.

If there is another edition, would probably expand the chapter on Los Amalgres somewhat. An associate of mine is doing a great deal of research there, and it is his story to tell, but I think that there may be a connection between the two and it needs to be written about. It would include some research into mineral lease records in Menard which might clear up a mystery or two. A few typos that made it to print would be fixed as well.

And, the front pages of the book listed it as being related to San Saba County, which it is not. It is strictly related to Menard County. That mistake was made by the publisher.

Might include some more photos, illustrations, and one more map. I think this sort of book really that sort of thing.

If anyone has any suggestions, drop me a line at

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