Happy to announce a new website: This new site will have articles and resources not only on the San Saba Treasure but also on other legends in and around Texas, contributed by both myself and a variety of accomplished authors in the field. The idea is to make that site the go-to place for lost mine and hidden treasure legends in Texas.

Contributing authors will have an opportunity to list their books (and how to buy them) on their respective author pages, but otherwise no ads, no tracking, and no nonsense. Check it out and check it in the coming months. Over the next year or so most of the content of this site will be moved to that site.

6 thoughts on “Announcing

  1. Very interesting! Perhaps you can talk Bill Townley into granting permission to publish his “Literature Review” of the Lost Bowie/San Saba Saga. Happy Trails, Fred


    1. Fred,

      Bill Townsley has graciously offered to be a part of the new site. Good idea on the literature review article he once wrote–will ask him about it. He accumulated some great sources over the years on that legend.



      1. Howdy, David! At the risk of telling you something you already know, “Beyond Oak Island” on The History Channel will have an episode on the San Saba Mines – March 15, 2022. I hold out no hope it will be accurate and historically correct – tonight’s episode is a search for Pancho Villa’s lost loot – a fool’s search, in my opinion.

        I thought you’d want to watch the San Saba piece.

        Happy Trails,



  2. Fred, thanks for the note. I think the episode originally aired in February, and although I have not seen it (I don’t have cable TV) it appears they were following a guy who thinks the treasure is fairly far away from the Menard area. I was interviewed by the show last summer, but apparently none of that interview made it to the final cut. Could be that they had enough footage in the field they did not need “expert” interviews as filler, could be that what I had to say mostly went against the premise of the episode, or could be they wanted a professional historian to give a sound bite. At any rate, the producers and film crew were very professional. Spoiler alert: they did not find it. So while the premise for the episode is probably pretty far off, maybe it will increase interest in the story.


    1. Howdy, David! It’s always good to hear from you. As I suspected, you already knew about it. You can watch the episode on your computer if you’re interested:

      From time-to-time I’ve communicated with TV people about treasure hunting shows but it never went very far. Sometimes they didn’t know what help they wanted, sometimes they have pre-conceived ideas and don’t want information, often they are jumping from one series to another.

      I’ve been in touch with folks who have appeared in some shows, and the bottom line is that factual history isn’t at the top of the production list.

      Happy Trails,



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