How Much Silver?

Given the different legends, how much silver is there supposed to be in the San Saba Treasure?

The most common story is the Longworth Waybill. It has one treasure room and 2,000 bars. Most accounts say each bar weighed 50 pounds, although Longworth himself, in his unpublished manuscript, claimed the bars weighed 80 pounds each. Given a current (Feb 2022) price for silver, 2,000 bars at 50 lbs a bar would have a current value of $33 million dollars. If we go with 80 lbs per bar it goes to $53 million.

However, other treasure legends held that there were five treasure rooms, sometimes said to be arranged in the shape of a Roman cross, or sometimes it was claimed that if the first room were to be found, there would be instructions as to where the other four rooms were. Given 5 equal rooms, the values could go up between $167 to $267 million dollars.