Judge Norton’s Wife, Dora Loar

Judge Norton’s second wife was Dora Loar. Norton’s son was from his first wife (Maria “Mamie” Bean.) She refused to move with him to Menard in 1930, and instead lived out her life over the next 30 years in their house in San Antonio. Found a photo of her the other day. It is only a guess, but perhaps the photo was taken on Norton’s ranch before he moved into the city.

She refused to move to Menard, to which Julius responded that he was going there and would not come back until he found the treasure. To which she replied that she thought she would never see him again. And she did not.

Judge Norton


Railway engineer, attorney, inventor, leading citizen of San Antonio, and treasure hunter.  Was involved in the search for treasure  from about 1918 to 1943.  How he first came to look for the treasure is a bizarre story, as is the story of how he came to hold the mineral lease.  Died alone under mysterious circumstances at the mine.  His son took up the search afterwards and nearly died himself.